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IPARD Programme (2021-2027) has been adopted by European Commission.

IPARD will support rural development at least 7 more years. IPARD III Programme, for which 430 million Euro will be allocated by European Commission, will reach a capacity to fund with grants of approximately 555 million Euro, with national contribution. Total economic investment with this support is expected to exceed 1 billion Euro.
IPARD III Programme support measures with its increasing grant rates:
-Investments in physical assets of agricultural holdings
-Investments in physical assets of agricultural holdings concerning processing and marketing of agricultural and fishery products
-Agri-environment-climate and organic farming
-Implementation of Local Development Strategies- Leader Approach
-Investments in rural public ınfrastructure
-Farm Diversification and business development
-Advisory services

News Date: : 16 / 3 / 2022
News Category: : 3