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Kızılcahamam LAG visit.

IPARD Managing Authority personnel met with Kızılcahamam Local Action Group members.

The Kizilcahamam Local Action Group Association, which was established within the scope of IPARD, and the EU Structural Adjustment Management Authority LEADER Group of the Directorate General for Agricultural Reform met in Kızılcahamam on February 4, 2021, and evaluated the activities that have been carried out and to be implemented. The LEADER Group staff, who listened to the activities that the Local Action Group has successfully implemented, received information about the projects that are planned to take place in the district in 2022. While many issues related to the problems of the district and the Local Action Group were raised at the meeting, solutions were also discussed for Kızılcahamam to reach the rural development goal faster in 2022 and later periods. Meetings that are going on with a bottom-up mechanism, planned to be held together with LAGS established within the scope of LEADER investments which are the most important branch of development in rural areas, started with the Kızılcahamam Local Action Group Association, and the visits will continue throughout Turkey.;

News Date: : 4 / 2 / 2022
News Category: : 2