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Up-to-date guide books for the sector have been prepared within the scope of the "Elaboration of Project Guidelines on EU Production Standards" Project carried out by the IPARD Managing Authority of our General Directorate.

Prepared Guide Books have been distributed to our Provincial Directorates of Agriculture and Forestry in 42 IPARD provinces to provide guidance for agricultural enterprises producing milk, red meat, poultry, egg, and producers investing in the processing and marketing of milk and dairy products, red meat and meat products, poultry meat and meat products, aquaculture and fruit and vegetable products.
With the guidebooks designed as a tool to support compliance with hygiene and food safety, animal welfare and environmental requirements, it is aimed to emphasize the important issues that farmers must comply with within the relevant legal regulations, to support these issues to be understood more easily, thus to facilitate the adaptation processes at the investment stage and to contribute to sustainability at the end of the investment. In this way, it will also contribute increasing the number of enterprises that do not risk human health, do not cause economic losses, can compete in the domestic and foreign markets by meeting quality criteria, and do not cause negative effects on environmental pollution and climate change during production
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News Date: : 25 / 4 / 2022
News Category: : 3

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