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Visit from the Managing Authority of Kosova

A visit is realized from the Managing Authority of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development of Kosova to the Managing Authority of our Ministry between 8-12 March 2022.

Success of “IPARD Programme” in Rural Development
A presentation about the activities and projects, was made on the first day of the visit to the guests from Kosova. Works, plans, statistics and projects in the frame of IPARD, LEADER and NRN detailed and followed with interest. Shqipe Dema, Head of Managing Authority of Kosova, expressed that they chose Türkiye to visit, because of the high level success performed from the beginning on IPARD Programme, and said that this success of Türkiye was attracting attention in international organizations and resources
. Dr. Osman Yıldız, Head of Managing Authority and Deputy Director of the Directorate General of Agricultural Reform, said that he would be glad to share all the experiences and to cooperate, in that frame, also would be able to give all the experiences about the 2022 National Rural Network Year, to the visitors who were requesting guidance and experience sharing
. Gülanta Good Practice Example
On the second and third days of the visit, a field visit to Isparta province was organized to see the works performed in GÜLANTA Project. During the visit, each partner, Ministry’s Provincial Directory, ARDSI Province Coordinator, Isparta Municipality, West Mediterranean Development Agency, MAREM and private sector representative have explained its contribution to the Project via presentations
. In the frame of the GÜLANTA Project,
- Eğirdir Fruits Research Institute (MAREM), launching 11 medicinal plants, has been visited and the applications observed
. - Eğirdir fuits and vegetables freezing and packaging facility which was granted by IPARD, has been visited - University of Süleyman Demirel, Natural Products Application and Research Center (SUDUM) was visited and informed about the innovative technologies and laboratories
. - Lavander smelling village women cooperative’s distillation facility which was opened on 16th of December 2020 by Fatih Metin, Deputy Minister in the frame of the Project GÜLANTA, was visited
. - Türkiye Medicinal Plants Union and Lavender Union constituted in the scope of Gülanta Project, has been visited
. “National Rural Network” as a Complementary Approach in Rural Development
National Rural Network, which will provide experience and information sharing between the partners, will be constituted in 81 Provinces in order to support the aims of Rural Development Programmes. All the related state organizations, chambers, universities, municipalities, non-governmental organizations, farmers and rural entrepreneurs will all be partners of NRN
. One of the important activities of NRN is Gülanta Project focusing of medicinal plants and short supply chain. Isparta was determined as a pilot area for 11 medicinal plants such as rose and lavender, forming a road map for NRN’s working style with the local partners
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News Date: : 15 / 3 / 2022
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