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The attempts to reduce differences in development between rural and urban areas reveal various problems in rural areas, as well. In light of the policies and measures of the Eleventh Development Plan, a national rural development strategic framework document was needed to determine rural policies that will enable the most efficient evaluation of economic and human resource potential in rural areas on the path of national development, to direct all rural development activities to the common objectives and objectives identified, and to set forth the general issues to be followed in the design-implementationcoordination- monitoring and evaluation processes of these activities
. Based on this need, rural development supports provided by public institutions and organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local municipalities and the private sector throughout the country were examined, the results obtained from the implementation processes in the NRDS-I and II periods were analysed, and a holistic policy framework for rural development activities and NRDS-III document were targeted to be established taking into account the trends to support rural development in the world and the requirements of the EU harmonization process.;

News Date: : 9 / 6 / 2021
News Category: : 1