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The staff of the General Directorate of Agricultural Reform, which acts as the Managing Authority, was in Denizli for the visit of the Local Action Group (LAGs) under LEADER measure in the IPARD Program. Within the scope of the visits that started on October 18, 2022, and lasted for 3 days, 6 YEG located in Denizli, Denizli Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, ARDSI Provincial Coordinator and district directors of Agriculture and Forestry in the related districts were visited. It was stated by the representatives of Doku LAG that publicity activities related to weaving specific to Buldan were carried out within the scope of the visits, activities aimed at promoting local products were carried out, and brochures were printed. It is also stated that in the following processes, the publicity of the ancient city of Tripolis will be supported, and activities will be carried out to make the region a cultural tourism centre. It was reported by the representatives of Kayipazari LAG that they took part in the production and promotion of local products specific to the region in the district of Çal through the women's cooperative. Mrs Medine TEKIN, an expert at the LAG office, provided information about the work carried out. It has been stated that efforts are being carried out to announce the value of Ibrahim Çallı, one of our famous painters, born in Çal, and to contribute to cultural tourism. It was mentioned that the rugs and weavings with particular patterns made with madder were exported to the UK by collaborating with the Public Education Center and that LAG was involved in this process. It was also stated during the interviews that they were in contact with the LAGs in Europe. Birsen CELIK, the mayor and Head of Hambat LAG, stated that as a newly established LAG, work would begin in the future. It is noted that the region's potential is very high due to its proximity to both the airport and the busy highway, that the leading topics will be introduced, and gastronomic studies on dairy products are planned to be carried out thanks to the high potential in the livestock sector. It was underlined that Bozkurt district is a natural off-road track and that a race was held before, and that international bird watchers came to this region because the region is on the route of migratory birds, and in this context, it was stated that the area would be worked to make it a center of promotion and attraction, It has been reported by Kizilhisar LAG representatives that Serinhisar district is the first in the production of chickpeas and that studies have been carried out on the publicity of chickpeas. Serinhisar Mayor Hüseyin GEMI, who is also the Head of LAG, informed about the activities of the association and stated that the potential of the region is high and that the necessary studies to highlight this situation will continue to be carried out by the association. Çameli LAG was visited on October 20, 2022 and the Head of the LAG Mr. Cengiz ARSLAN, who is also the Mayor of Çameli, was interviewed at his office. It has been noted that the natural beauty of the Çameli district and the international publicity of the dishes made with local products are given importance. In addition, it was stated that a joint gastronomy project was carried out with Greece, Bulgaria and Romania on gastronomy and it was noted that they contributed to the recognition of the region within the scope of LAG activities. Kalebey LAG manager Tayfun DINDAR and the members were interviewed in the association office. It is stated that they organized a festival for the natural beauty of the Kale district and especially for the promotion of the Topuk plateau. It has been stated that an organization has been made for sky observation in the Topuk plateau and that studies have been started for the next year. It has been stated that the works will continue as an association in order to introduce the region and become an attraction center. After their visit in Denizli province, the Managing Authority officials moved to Burdur province to meet with LAGs. ;

News Date: : 10 / 11 / 2022
News Category: : 2