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The Managing Authority staff and representatives of the European Union Commission, who came together on the occasion of the IPARD II 14th Monitoring Committee, visited Ayas Local Action Group Association and farmers who received grants under the IPARD II Program, Agriculture–Environment measure in Beypazari as part of their field visits. The Head of Neighborhood, Enlargement and Pre-Accession Assistance Department Frank BOLLEN and Planning and Programming Officer for Türkiye, Krzysztof SULIMA, EU Delegation Agricultural Sector Manager Leyla ALMA participated in the visit, which was held after the preparatory meeting of the Monitoring Committee. They were accompanied by Özge TEKIN, A. Head of Department for the Department of Managing Authority for EU Structural Adjustment and related personnel from the Managing Authority and ARDSI. District Governor Muharrem ELIGÜL, Deputy Mayor Mustafa SEZER, LAG Director Elvan ÇAVDAR and Head of the Chamber of Agriculture in Ayaş, Erdinç POLAT ATEŞ were present during the visit to Ayaş. On the occasion of the visit, information was received about the service provided to the district by AYAŞ LAG. Emphasis was placed on the activities carried out under the theme "Development of rural tourism products". In order to ensure the mass marketing and sale of local products, the sales stands opened in the district square were visited and the thoughts of Ayaş residents about the IPARD Program were taken. In addition, in Beypazarı, the farmers who received grants from the sub-measure of preventing soil erosion within the scope of the Agri-Environment sub-measure were met. Farmers who stated that the measure led to a noticeable improvement in the soil structure and positively affected the yield, expressed that there is a will in the district of Beypazari to implement other Agri-Environmental sub-measures. Expressing that the measures taken against soil erosion have reduced the use of fertilizers, farmers have forwarded their requests under the IPARD III Program to the Managing Authority and representatives of the Commission. ;

News Date: : 10 / 11 / 2022
News Category: : 1