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The staff of the General Directorate of Agricultural Reform, which acts as a Managing Authority, conducted field visits for Local Action Groups supported under the LEADER measure of the IPARD Program. The purpose of the field visits is to get information about the work of the LAGs that have been established before, and to provide information about the process to the LAGs whose Local Development Strategies were recently approved within the scope of the 12th Call for Applications. In addition, it is aimed to strengthen the ties of LAGs with their stakeholders in the field during the visits and to give impetus to their work.

In this context, H Dilek DILEKÇI SÖNMEZ and Burcu ÖZDEMIR, engineers of the EU Structural Adjustment Management Authority Department, visited Mr. Sinan ÇELEBICAN, the Branch Manager of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry in Kastamonu province and the Provincial Coordinator of the ARDSI on October 18, 2022.
On October 19, the Araç LAG was visited and discussed with the authorities. Hand-in-hand Women's Cooperative's handicraft products were seen and Göce soup with geographical indication specific to the region was tasted.
Okçular Waterfall, one of the natural beauties of the region, was visited together with LAG representatives and local people.

Göce Soup
Stone Printed Woven
Nail Lacework

Ağlı-Seydiler-Küre districts were merged and on behalf of Şerifebacı LAG, Ağlı Mayor Şahin ÇOLAK was visited in his office on October 18..

During the visit to the newly established Inebolu LAG, LAG President Yetkin KÖSEOĞLU, Deputy Mayor Sefa TUNAOĞLU and LAG member Hasan Güray CIVEK were interviewed and exchanged views.

During the visit to Çatalzeytin LAG, LAG President Sinan KARADAĞ, District Agricultural Governor İsmail KAŞ and Mehmet BALTA were interviewed and wishes of success were made to our newly established LAG..

Karadeniz University Tourism Faculty activity, which was held in Azdavay Campground
In a busy schedule on October 20, officials from Cide, Şenpazar and Pınarbaşı were met. The Mayor of Azdavay, Mr. Osman Nuri CIVELEK, the Mayor of Şenpazar, Mr. Cem ÇINAR and the Mayor of Pınarbaşı, Mr. Şenol YAŞAR, were visited in their offices. Cide District Governor, Mr. Tuncay KARATAŞ also accepted the Managing Authority and Cide LAG representatives in his office.

Pınarbaşı-Horma Canyon
Horma Canyon, one of the most exciting canyons in Turkey was visited. Ilica Waterfall, another natural beauty, is located at the end of this canyon, which has a 3 km wooden walking path and where nature photography is realized.
In the meeting held with Cide LAG, information about the successful applications of LAG was obtained. In the meeting held with Cide LAG, A detailed presentation was made on the Caravan Supply for the Promotion of Local Wooden Spoon Carving, Caravan Supply for the Promotion of Geographically Indicated Black Soup, training meetings held, Machinery - Equipment Purchase for Women's Cooperative, Machinery and Equipment Purchase for Cide Non-Governmental Organization, Cide Handicrafts and Handicraft Development Association, Machinery - Equipment Purchase, etc. by Serdar KAPTAN, President of LAG.
Machinery and Equipment purchased for the Women's Cooperative

Caravan for Promotion of Geographically Indicated Black Soup

Successful LAG also carried out the “Women's Cooperative 3 Geographical Indications, 2 Trademark Registration Certificates” project.


News Date: : 27 / 10 / 2022
News Category: : 2