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NEWS SUBHEADING IPARD Managing Authority visited Gökçeada-Eceabat-Bozcaada Local Action Group Association (GEBYEGDER) and Ayvacık Assos Local Action Group Association
.In order to implement the LEADER Approach more effectively and to examine the current status of Local Action Groups (LAGs) EU Structural Adjustment Management Authority UKA/LEADER team visited 2 LAGs established in Çanakkale between 17-18 October 2022. As part of the visits, which lasted for two days in total, the offices of the Gökçeada-Eceabat-Bozcaada Local Action Group Association (GEBYEGDER) and Ayvacık Assos Local Action Association were visited; Çanakkale Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution Çanakkale Provincial Coordinator were also visited. During the visit to the districts where LAGs are located, the district governor of Eceabat, the locally established women's cooperatives, which are an important stakeholder of LAG, were visited on-site, and problems and solutions regarding the implementation were noted
.The Managing Authority staff was accompanied by Çanakkale Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry Rural Development Branch Manager, Provincial Directorate UKA-LEADER representatives and Çanakkale TKDK Provincial Coordination UKA-LEADER representatives
.During the visits, ideas about the activities carried out and planned to be carried out within the scope of LEADER in 2022 as an association, the studies planned together with the National Rural Network (UKA) and LAGs were discussed with the directors and experts of the associations
.In addition, the “Bozcaada Women's Initiative Production and Enterprise Cooperative” located in Bozcaada was visited and information was taken about the work carried out in cooperation with the association. The head of the cooperative stated that the working area of the 15-member cooperative is primarily local products (especially there are about 15 jam varieties) and that GEBYEGDER provides machine-equipment support to the cooperative for the production of local products
.President of Ayvacık Assos Local Action Group Association stated that they procured a soil analyser for the study titled "Agricultural research and analysis of alternative production and product types suitable for the soil and climate structure of the district" and that the analysis activities continue under the leadership of the District Agriculture and Forestry Directorate. He indicated that the climatic conditions of the region are very suitable for growing Pistachios, that production-oriented studies are carried out in Şapköy district and that they will purchase a peanut roasting machine for the “Şapköy Production Cooperative” as LAG

News Date: : 18 / 10 / 2022
News Category: : 2