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IPARD Managing Authority conducted a field visit in Cankiri province on October 17, 2022, to examine the Local Action Groups (LAG) operating within the scope of the LEADER measure on site
.In the province of Cankiri, which is one of the Second Phase provinces, the officials of Orta, Sabanözü-Eldivan, Cerkes, and Ilgaz LAGs, which are on the list with their newly established and successful local development strategies, were met, and ideas were discussed about the opportunities, problems encountered and solution proposals
.The Managing Authority visited the Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry and the Provincial Coordinator of ARDSI, and also met with Orta, Şabanözü-Eldivan, Cerkes, and Ilgaz District Agriculture and Forestry Directors; the importance of being with them as the Ministry was emphasized in every process of LAGs

News Date: : 18 / 10 / 2022
News Category: : 2